Baby P–26 weeks!

I’ve officially entered the people-are-touching-my-belly phase of the pregnancy.  This week, two people touched my belly.  They were both people who I knew, and were both women, so it wasn’t a big deal. But it got me thinking about the whole belly-touching thing.  I remember hearing, before I got pregnant, that sometimes strangers would come up to women when they were pregnant and touch their belly.  That seemed really weird to me…  I don’t think a stranger should ever come up and touch a person in normal circumstances, so why would they do it when they are pregnant? 

I also think it would be especially weird if it was a man. I don’t really like people touching me in general, so if a random man came up and touched my belly we’d have a problem, yo.

But like I said, these two were women, and I knew them, so no problem Open-mouthed smile

So… 26 weeks.  I have read conflicting things about when the third trimester technically begins.  Some things say 27 weeks, some say 28.  Either way, I’m just one or two short weeks away.  Babycenter, which has been one of my sources of truth throughout this pregnancy, says my third trimester begins April 4th.  So scary.

But for now, I’m still enjoying my second trimester.



According to Babycenter this week, the network of nerves in Baby P’s ears is better developed and more sensitive, so he can hear S and I talk (ugh.. baby is already listening to our bickering!!)   He is continuing to put on baby fat and now weighs about 1.67 pounds and is 14 inches long.  The length of an english hothouse cucumber!


My back is slowly feeling better.  It still hurts, especially when I carry something or at the end of the day when I have walked around a little, but I’m thankful for the improvements.  I am still only able to do the recumbent bike to exercise, but I’m grateful that I have something I can do.

My 26-week check in:

  • Total weight gain: 19 pounds
  • Stretch marks? None yet.
  • Sleep: I am sleeping pretty well.  I do get heartburn in the night, but usually a couple of antacids later I am a-ok.  Sleeping with my snoogle is my favorite time of the whole day!
  • Workouts:
    • Friday – 30 min on stationary bike
    • Saturday – Rest
    • Sunday– 30 min on stationary bike
    • Monday – 30 min on stationary bike
    • Tuesday– 40 min on stationary bike
    • Wednesday – Rest
    • Thursday – Rest
    • Friday – 30 min on stationary bike
  • Food cravings: Ice cream.  I finished those 2 containers of Breyer’s in a week Embarrassed smile  I also have eaten my fair share of See’s chocolate (see evidence below)
  • Aversions: None.
  • Symptoms: This week I again got major stomach pain in the middle of the night one night (like last week).  It hurt so badly that I couldn’t sleep or get comfortable, no matter what position I tried to sit, stand, or lie in.  I am wondering if this pain I get only occasionally is due to the baby being in a particular position.  It’s on my list of questions to ask at my next Dr appointment.
  • Best moment this week: The massage at my chiropractor appointment.  Holy amazing.
  • Belly Button in or out? Still flat
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.

The weather here is starting to get warmer, too.  I am not looking forward to being as big as a house in the middle of the California summer heat – but what can you do?  I have a feeling there is a lot more ice cream in my near future.

I leave you with photographic evidence of what the garbage can in my office looks like at the end of my working day.  At least once a quarter, See’s candy comes to my work and sells their incredible chocolates at a discount to employees.  I always treat myself to a little box, but this time my pregnancy appetite, as well as my feeling sorry for myself about my back, got the better of me.  I walked away with (gulp) 3 boxes.


Two boxes of their chocolate butter eggs (to die for) and a big 1lb box of their milk chocolate assortment.

And thus, what my garbage can looks like at the end of my work day:


See the See’s?

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