A super weekend

As Pittsburgh Steelers fans, S and I were in a bit of a conundrum this weekend.  The Ravens are our rivals, one of the teams that we hate the most in the league.  However, the 49ers winning the superbowl would allow them to tie us as the team with the most superbowl wins (six!!!)  So who to root for?


Yep, the niners.  It wasn’t really a tough decision, after all the 49ers are our hometown team here!

But let’s zip back to yesterday.  S and I have been wanting to sign S up for baby swim lessons for a while, but the schools we looked at don’t allow the babies to start until six months of age.  Now that he is old enough, we decided to take him to a family swim day at the pool to introduce him to the water and make sure he was ok with it before we signed him up.


B was clearly thrilled to wear his swimsuit from his Auntie for the first time…


With his matching hat!  Totally unnecessary for an indoor pool day, but totally necessary for pre-pool photo shoot optimal cuteness.


The pool time was a success.  Although he wasn’t splashing around and laughing a lot like I anticipated, he did enjoy the water and was perfectly content.  He showed no fear or trepidation, even when we splashed him a little bit.  S wouldn’t let me dunk his head under the water, though.  Maybe next time?


It’s funny how as parents, our roles are reverse of what I had anticipated.  I thought I was going to be the worrywart, overprotective and nervous to let him do or try anything lest he get hurt.  I thought S, daredevil that he is, would be the one pushing B to do adventurous things and taking risks (baby risks, but risks nonetheless).  However, it has been the complete opposite.  S babies him completely, always worrying he will topple over and bump his head, or that dunking his head under water will traumatize him and make him fear the pool for the rest of his life.  I, on the other hand, encourage him to try to sit up or crawl even if that means a topple or two – I want him to learn to be comfortable with falling and getting back up.  I wouldn’t let him fall far or get hurt, of course, but I want him to have that confidence that when he falls, we are there for him and he can (with our help) get back up and keep on trucking.  So I would’ve dunked him ;)


Although we didn’t do any “swimming” in the pool, we just stood and splashed, the whole family was pretty tired Saturday evening.  I called it a night pretty early, because I had a morning run with the SF Marathon training group.

Truthfully, the run wasn’t early (it was at 8am) but Brayden has started waking up around 6:15 each morning.  He used to wake up like clockwork around 7:15.  I’m not sure what caused the shift, but it started a week ago and he has been consistently getting up an hour earlier so it might be our new normal.  Perhaps it is because he is teething, but maybe not.  Either way, it is early but I am not complaining because my angel baby sleeps through from 8pm to 6am.  You won’t get complaints from this lucky mama!

Our 5-mile run went off without a hitch and we averaged a 9:15 pace.  I would really like to speed up, but am not sure I am willing to put forth the time and effort to do track work and other training to do so right now.  Between work, my family, my other priorities and crossfit, I am happy just to run.  But getting faster is definitely on my to-do list in the future.

When I got home from the run, I whipped up a batch of red and gold cupcakes for the Superbowl party we were going to!



They were easy to make and turned out perfectly so I was happy and ready to go to the party.


Brayden’s friend Kayla was there!


He really, really wanted a cupcake (he kept reaching for mine off my plate!) but settled for a snap pea and a cracker.



Brayden and Kayla had fun playing together.  Brayden even brought his own football :)



It was a great game, even though the 49ers lost, and a great weekend.  At least now we are still the only team with six superbowl rings ;)

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  1. Tim says:

    Your red and gold cupcakes were great! They were a hit. Unreal how good they tasted!!!

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